Medical City

Medical City is Jababeka's concept for a totally new kind of community in Indonesia a 21st century city that supports a truly healthy, modern, environmentally-friendly, sustainable lifestyle in every way possible. Encompassing 50 hectares in Kota Jababeka, just east of Jakarta, Medical City is being planned from the ground up to take advantage of the latest medical technology as well as environmentally-sound, sustainable building and community designs.

Medical City will house the world-class healthcare facilities, research centers, and educational institutes needed to push Indonesia?s quality of medicine and technology to the next level. At the same time, it will provide its residents with a safe, comfortable, and healthy living environment surrounding by natural beauty and modern amenities.

The centerpiece of Medical City will be the brand new state of the art, President International Hospital. Utilize to the latest medical technologies and architectural designs, the hospital will support general and specialized medical facilities including a world-class cardiac care center. A new Medical School and Nursing School in Medical City will be established by President University using international curriculum to ensure that students learn the newest methodologies and procedures, allowing them to usher in a new age of globalized medicine in Indonesia.

On top of that, Jababeka Independent Industrial Center Laboratories (JIICL) will add immense value for companies and organizations working in Kota Jababeka by giving high-quality research facilities for industrial, biotechnology and medical research. The Jababeka Research Center (JRC) in partnership with Indonesia?s Ministry of Research and Technology (RISTEK) will be the premier center for collaborative research in Indonesia.