Rare Advantage

  1. Positioned at the heart of 5,600 ha Kota Jababeka, Indonesia Movieland has the rare convenience of using the many varied facilities located close to each other within Kota Jababeka for shooting locations.
  2. It also has the advantage of shooting permit efficiency because Indonesia Movieland works in partnership with Kota Jababeka management who administers the 5,600 ha Kota Jababeka.
  3. Jababeka Industrial Estate houses 1,350 factories from 27 countries, all of which have some need for above the line promotion. They are a captive market for the TV commercial producers.
  4. Kota Jababeka has two private power plants (Bekasi Power & Cikarang Listrindo) serving all of its area, and as such the great need for electricity in the TV broadcast and film industry can certainly be met without much difficulty.
  5. The President Film Academy will provide the much needed quality talents and professionals for the TV broadcast and film industry