Hollywood Plaza

Hollywood Plaza is a luxury commercial complex, which are located at the main entrance to Indonesia Movieland, designed to complement the development of Indonesia Movieland concept as 'the 1st one-stop center film and TV industry in Indonesia'. We only sell eight units Multi Function Building (MFB) with two types which are types of Studio 23 mx 36 m with a land area of 971 m2 and Standard Type 23 mx 24 m with a land area of 552 m2 each with a net height is 10 m.

With these measures will make this a versatile building looks elegant and is very flexible usage. Because this building can accommodate different types of needs such as studios, showrooms, offices, restaurants, cafes, educational institutions, where the exhibition of industrial products or workplaces small and medium industrial production and others. Hollywood Plaza complex is built on a land area of approximately 8.200 m2 facility that featured a vast plaza that is 2.700 m 2.217 m long by 5.12 m wide, this neo-classic style makes this product to be so proud.

The atmosphere of corridor more comfortable, with the corridor design buildings that classical nuances. Right in front of the location is the main road 50 meters wide and Hollywood Plaza is designed with a wide alun-alun/plaza making high-end cluster housing and golf courses that lead to housing Jababeka Education Park, Jababeka Medical City, and the Jababeka Industrial Estate Phase III .

This highly lucrative initial public offering, in addition to the opportunity to choose a place that according to the wishes will also get a profitable price. As does the investment in Jababeka before, of course, will increase the value of pledged investment of more than 15% per year.

Hollywood Plaza is a very suitable location and strategic to become a place of business and investment in your favor.